Saturday, October 15, 2011

Be Inspired, Be the Inspiration

We are all guilty of not doing something because we are worried about what others might think, or we feel that it's too impulsive, or it's something we just normally wouldn't do.

The other day I felt like baking something different, but couldn't find the right recipe.  So I left it.  The next day I had the same urge to bake something different and realised that the previous day I hadn't done so because I was afraid it would taste lousy and I would have to throw my experiment away and waste the ingredients.  But then I realised, if I continued to procrastinate, the fresh ingredients I had bought the day before would spoil and be wasted anyway if I didn't do something with them.  So on went the apron and I got stuck in.  With a bit of mixing, adjusting and tasting I came up with something I thought was acceptable, but it still needed to set in the refrigerator.  Two hours later I was rewarded with one of the tastiest, most decadent flavoured, but still healthy, Strawberry and Coconut Cream deserts  I have tasted in a long time.  Nothing was wasted and I had learnt more than just a new recipe.

I realised -  I need to do this with every aspect of my life.  I must never be afraid to try something new or different.  For in trying you not only learn and grow but you can inspire others to do the same.  The more doors you open to new opportunities and possibilities in all areas of your life, the more you will experience and live life.  Not just exist but actively be the orchestrator of your own life.  And so what if it doesn't always work out the way you planned, or you don't get the response you expected.  Would you rather never try anything new or different and always fret about the opportunities you've missed?!  I know I wouldn't.  Trying something new and different is invigorating, exciting!

So don't hesitate, try something new, share it with someone you care about, inspire them to open themselves to wonderful new opportunities waiting out there for them and remember YOU are the Creator of your own life.

Sometimes others just need a tiny bit of encouragement to find the inspiration to try new things.  So when a friend or family member asks your opinion as to whether they should try 'that new thing' they have been thinking about, think first, before you answer.  Is it YOUR fear of trying something new that is the basis for your reply or will it be an inspired response, encouraging them to 'go for it', to open themselves up to new opportunities?

Be inspired every day and be the inspiration to others.  Do not ignore the real you that is bursting to come out and be seen and heard.............a truly unique and beautiful being with SO MUCH potential!

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