Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seeking the Truth

Intelligence without compassion is not true intelligence.

Without applying a feeling to your knowledge,  (connecting your intellect to your heart) your knowledge is superficial.........there is no true understanding of the knowledge you have gained.

Scientists now know that the heart is far more complex than originally thought.  The heart has it's own, measurable, electro-magnetic field which mimics that of the earths'.  Our hearts electrical field is 100 times and its' magnetic field is 5000 times stronger than the brain.  Yet our focus is on our brain and we tend to 'switch' off our hearts.

Our educational and religious institutions, governments, corporations and media dumb us down.  It would be impossible for those in charge to have total power over us if we thought for ourselves; if we questioned everything instead of blindly accepting and believing everything we are told.

And how do they dumb us down - by teaching us 'parrot-fashion' and spoon-feeding us information - the WRONG information which plays on our fears and insecurities.  Eventually we loose the ability to think for ourselves and expect someone to do our thinking for us.  We become lazy and complacent.   We believe the promises politicians make during election campaigns and the information companies tell us about their products in their TV commercials.  We believe everything a preacher tells us, because 'he's a man of God, so he must be telling the truth'.  But this is not how the real world works.  They are people with flaws and man's greatest flaw is his greed and hunger for money and power.

We need to start connecting heart and brain.  When you receive information, no matter from what source don't just accept it at face value.  Open your heart to that information.  Ask yourself - Does it feel right?  Does it resonate with me?  Not everything that is written in black and white or that is uttered from someone's mouth (irrespective of their training or status) is necessarily true.

Individuals and organizations have, for centuries, used information as a tool to get what they want, to satisfy their own greed.  The world is full of big lies and little truths - so continue to always question EVERYTHING you hear and read.  Seek out those little truths.  For if we continue to seek the truth with heart and mind, we will find it.  And we can then take back the power over our OWN lives.  We can then become powerful creators of our inner and outer worlds.

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