Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Expectations of Shifting and Your Unique Path

Connect to Source by Kim Dreyer
© 2013.  All rights reserved

As the energies shift and things do the proverbial 'heating up' or 'speeding up', it is very easy to feel left out and left behind, or more than a little overwhelmed.  There is SO much information out there we are being bombarded with and it's not an easy task to filter out that which does not serve your highest good.

Some people may talk or write about the most profound and/or almost unbelievable things on their blogs, websites, social media pages, etc, but that is THEIR story; THEIR truth.  Parts of if may be part of your truth, but be discerning in what you believe - Does it resonate with heart and soul?  (Some may simply be trying to convince themselves that it's the truth, for whose to say what the truth really is!  …as it changes from person to person; from situation to situation; from experience to experience.)  So I prefer to use the word 'vision' than the word 'truth'.  What is your 'Vision' - the 'roadmap' to your soul self and your journey?  How do you find it?  There are no easy answers, nor quick fix steps.  It's about taking one step at a time - sometime cautiously, other times taking a leap of faith and yet other times gingerly taking a step back to re-evaluate things, but as long as the general direction is forward - all is good!

It is SO important to not look to others for the 'benchmark', for the 'finish line'.  Firstly, I do not believe there is a finish line as we would understand through our experience of the term.  It's an ongoing process and always will be irrespective of where your Spiritual path has taken you thus far.  Secondly, no-one has the same journey, even though here on Earth in the physical plane we've been led to believe that this is the case.  We are given boxes to fit into and made to feel useless or stupid if we don't fit into any of them.  Yet it's our differences, our own special form of 'weirdness' that carry the keys to our own unique paths and the true beauty within each of us.

My journey, your journey, their journey is as unique as our fingerprints, our DNA.  As unique as a zebra's stripes - never the same.  So those who write or speak about their having 'arrived' at some pinnacle, it's really just a point on their path (yes, it may be a high point for them) - but it's still theirs, not yours.  You may at some stage stand on a similar point, and still it may take you on to a difference place.  A place that only you will know is correct if you follow your own path with love, compassion and intuition for self and for others.  Don't follow the path of others - rather follow the encouragement others offer you to follow your own path.  For your own path IS the gift you have to offer the world.  So step out, head held high and begin your own special journey, for you are a unique, valuable, important part of the whole and your radiant Soul is a blessing to all.