Monday, August 12, 2013

Root Chakra and Our Survival on Earth

Root Chakra

Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck by Kim Dreyer

With all the work we are doing on the planet and on ourselves to reach a greater spiritual awareness, it is very easy to loose touch with our roots, our physical body.

After all we are living in a physical plane of existence and it is essential to remain grounded and connected to the Earth - especially now - fully aware of our bodies and it's cycles.

As Anodea Judith said:  "To loose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless.  Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life."

We are not only made up of stars and the material of the Universe but of the Earth, the elements that form all of life on this planet.  It is this connection to the Earth that enables us to feel a sense of belonging on the physical level while we seek a greater sense of belonging to the Universe; to Spirit.

Society makes us believe we need many possessions to satisfy our survival instincts on this planet.  In fact it is often the pursuit of these superfluous possessions which cause much of the strife in our lives; not to mention the depletion of limited natural resources; the suffering of many animals and humans and the creation of ever increasing levels of pollution and waste.

Indeed, it seems that the more we strive for greater materialism the less we feel in control of our own survival.

It is high time we took stock of our lives and acknowledged that we need less of everything.  Each and every one of us are here; living this life now.  Our basic survival requires food for health and growth; shelter and clothing for protection - all of which are abundantly available on this planet.  We need to connect more fully to Mother Earth; our fellow humans and all life which shares our Earthly home with us and begin to live together as a whole community not as fractured individuals trying to outdo and control one another.  We have the power within each of us to feel a sense of belonging; of contentment; of peace and happiness if we can set aside our greed, our mistrust of others, our fear and start thinking of all life as a symbiotic community; not feeding OFF of each other but feeding, nurturing and taking care OF each other.

Plant your feet firmly on Mother Earth; sense and feel the connection to her and through her to every other living being on the planet.  Feel her pulse and tune your heart into it!