Monday, August 6, 2012


© Kim Dreyer 2012.  All rights reserved.

I have not posted much recently as I have been busy with a number of projects.  But as per usual as is with the case of many of my artworks, poems and other written work, I am awakened in the wee hours of the morning, with an urgency to get what's in my head written or drawn onto paper.  Not easy to motivate myself to do in mid-winter when snow is falling a short way away in the mountains and temperatures are hovering around freezing!
But I know that no sleep will come to me until these thoughts and ideas are written down.  Last night was no exception and what follows is what came to me at 2.45am this morning and I felt the need to share it:

I AM everyone,
Everyone is me.
Everyone is an aspect of me.
When I resent or am angered or repelled by others, it is merely an aspect of MYSELF I resent, or am repelled or angered by.
It is that particular aspect I see in them that I am fearful of in me.
The aspect that they are exhibiting which brings out a negative response in me is usually either one I take great pains not to exhibit myself or is an exact mirror of a specific trait or behaviour of myself which I do not like.

Once I learn to connect to or see others as a mirroring of what I am or what I try hard not to be, I will be able to see both them and myself from a position of understanding and compassion.
I am only then able to release that fearful aspect from within me and begin to 'heal' myself of it.

I am then also able to understand my connection to others - not only other people, but all life and understand the lessons within each.

For as I 'heal', my response to that aspect of myself which I see in others no longer comes from a position of judgement and fear but changes to a compassionate outpouring of understanding and love for all life.  And truly connects me to all that is.