Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Secret Flaws of Abundance

'Abundance' - artwork by Kim Dreyer.
Copyright © Kim Dreyer 2011. All rights reserved.

For a long time now I have wanted to write down my thoughts on Abundance.  In fact, ever since I first saw the dvd 'The Secret' when it came out a few years ago.  (Yes, sometimes I do procrastinate a bit much).  Anyway, since then every time I hear or see the word Abundance, I cringe!!

The basic concept behind the dvd is the Law of Attraction.  However, the further I got into watching it, the more I became concerned about the end message.  The message, running through much of the dvd was Abundance.  Fine.  But the abundance focussed way too much on money and materialistic objects - a fat bank balance, a fancy mansion, large expensive cars, tvs, fancy furniture, etc, etc, etc.  Stuff that requires, in it's manufacture, large amounts of seriously dwindling resources from Mother Nature!  And then there is all the pollution that is produced in the manufacture of all these products.  Is this what I want to manifest using the Law of Attraction - definitely not!!

What is abundantly clear, to me at least, is we cannot and must not continue on this mindless drive to own possessions to justify our worth, or feel we have accomplished something in life.  Just imagine if everyone on this planet had access to the materialistic abundance talked about in the dvd.  Take motor vehicles for instance - currently there are around 1 billion cars in use.  If every adult on this planet had a car, this number would probably rise to around 5 billion cars.  What would this do to the quality of our already polluted air, never mind the effect on the resources required to  produce all these new cars.   More and more factories would churn out more 'stuff' AND more pollution.  Would there be clean air to breathe, pure water to drink??  Would there be anything left of the natural world?  I think not!

We HAVE to get this mindset out of people when talking about abundance.  Associating abundance with materialism is NOT cool!!  Sure, I do understand that we all still live in a world where we cannot get by without money.  There are certain basic material requirements that we all need to live.  But once these needs are met, rather focus on financial Abudance in order to do something positive with it, like feeding the hungry; caring for abused animals; or cleaning up our planet, etc.  We certainly don't need it for a new wardrobe of clothes every season; a new gadget, just because there is a new version out - the list is endless.  We are slaves to our possessions and can't even see it.  Or perhaps we see it, but don't have the will to do anything about it.   We are too caught up in this vicious cycle of 'make money - buy stuff,  make more money - buy more stuff'.  But it's high time we did something about the way we live.

So how about next time we call upon the Law of Attraction and request Abundance we think a little more carefully on what that Abundance will entail.  Money and possessions?  But remember along with the materialistic possessions come, pollution and depletion of natural resources, so we'll be manifesting this too.  Or?  Health and happiness; clean rivers and oceans; pure, fresh air; forests and fields teaming with wildlife.  Things that will help us live sustainable lives, in harmony with our home - Mother Earth.  After all, if we trash her (as we are currently doing) - there is nowhere else to go.  We don't have a brand new earth waiting 'next door' for us to move to!

Which world of Abundance would you like to live in and create for your children to live in?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Crown Chakra by Kim Dreyer.
Copyright © Kim Dreyer 2011.  All rights reserved.

Today I wanted to share more of my thoughts and feelings on spirituality.  The following is the result of a few minutes of automatic writing which I felt I needed to share on this blog.  Automatic writing is something I have not done for a very long time. Thanks Sue for reminding me of this!

When you lift your spirit and connect to your soul, you no longer have the need for approval from others.  The only approval worth receiving is that from your inner Divine self.

Many feel they have reached a high level of spirituality, only to still feel that there is a void, something still missing.  Deeper reflection will show that part of that spirituality is not of the heart but of the mind.  The ego is still holding on, reluctant and fearful of releasing it's host.

One may think that one is meditating enough; doing enough spiritual exercises such as yoga or tai chi; that one is thinking and saying the right things, but this very act of thinking about it often negates much of the effort.

It may seem almost impossible to let go of the act of thinking but it is not.  Connecting fully to your inner Divine self and living from the heart center may be one of the most difficult things to do, especially due to how society has shaped us (how we have allowed society to do so).  But it will be the single most important and most rewarding achievement we will ever accomplish in our lives.  For all that we are and all we will ever be, is programmed deep within our core and as long as we live a life focused on our outer being - our physical  and all that pampers to our physical existence, we will never be truly happy or content.

The materialistic aspect of our lives and even parts of our body can be removed or damaged by others or by events, but when we live fully connected to our heart and soul, no one can take that from us.  Then simply 'being' will bring us all the happiness and contentment we will ever need.