Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Are Blissfully Unique

 'Find Your Bliss'
Artwork copyright Kim Dreyer 2011.

I believe that one of the most powerful gifts we as humans have is our individual uniqueness  - our differences.  These differences are on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It is this uniqueness that we should all be celebrating and sharing.  But society tries to fit us all into the same box.  We are expected to think, dress, eat, feel, LIVE the same.  We are often made to believe that our uniqueness is a fault, something that needs to be changed..................we are expected to conform.  Sure society has created a number of different boxes to fit us into so we have the perception that we are different.......but our true, deeper differences are not those which we carry on the outside, but those we have on the inside and these cannot be boxed!

It is usually those who are the most fearful who will point fingers at or ridicule those who are strong and determined enough to 'walk their walk' and 'talk their talk'.  Pay no attention to people like that - often their nastiness is based on the fact that they are too afraid to follow their dreams, their truth.

Finding the true you underneath all the fashion, ingrained beliefs, fears and insecurities is not easy but it can be done.  There are people out there who have gone against the grain, gone against all odds and achieved amazing things.  But each and every one of them acknowledged their unique talents, their unique spirits.  Acknowledging and celebrating your uniqueness is extremely powerful and uplifting.  All it takes is to believe in yourself and follow your passion - that which makes you happy!  FIND YOUR BLISS in life - and you will gain access to amazing joy, inspiration and drive - it will give you purpose in life. 

There will be times when one is challenged - that is all part of our physical existence - but one must stand firm and stay true to yourself, especially at these times.  Sometimes challenges appear, to nudge us into thinking 'out-of-the-box' or to try something slightly different.  But when one is doing what one loves, challenges are no longer insurmountable hurdles and we are able to find the determination to work through them.  So follow YOUR dreams,  find YOUR bliss and be the wonderful gift to humanity that YOU are!


  1. Exactly what I sometimes need - the reassurance that nothing can go wrong when I am doing the things I love.
    And that I somewhen are bound to be successful with what I am doing, because the love shines through.
    So I keep going into the direction of my dreams and every day, step by step, back to my real self.

    Thanks for that wonderful artwork, Kim.

  2. I really DO believe, especially in today's world, it is so important to do what you love and follow your dreams. You will be successful if what you do stems from love.
    Wonderful - keep moving in that direction and before you know it, you'll have reached your destination.
    It's such a wonderful feeling for me to be able to share my art and my words Rowan. Thanks so much for commenting. <3