Friday, March 4, 2011

You Can Make a Difference

Getting through the mundane tasks confronting us on a daily basis can be daunting.  Then trying to 'do your bit' - be a more loving, understanding person; recycling; eating nutritiously; being environmentally conscious; and ... and ... and...... puts so much pressure on us that we often feel we cannot cope.  Our lives are just too hectic.  The more hectic our lives are the more stressed we feel.  The more stressed we feel, the less we are able to cope.  And so a downward spiralling pattern starts taking over our lives.  So what is the answer?  How do we find a balance?  How do we cope and still feel good about life and ourselves?
I think that one of the ways to do this is to focus only on oneself.  And I don't mean becoming selfish and self-centred.  Though sometimes being a little selfish and a tiny bit self-centred can be a good thing.

What do I mean by - 'focus on oneself'? 
I think we have to stop trying to change the world, the people around us and simply change ourselves.  We need to think, speak and do what we feel is right and then hope that those with whom we come into contact with, will be influenced by our thoughts, our actions and our words.  We cannot change someone who doesn't want to be changed, but by 'walking the right walk', others may be inclined to follow our path, especially if we radiate feelings of love, happiness, joy and contentment.  But we cannot do this unless we love ourselves, are happy with our lives and are content.
We need to be fully committed to our higher selves.  If everyone worked on changing themselves - their own lives, then we wouldn't have to worry about each other.  We could get on with our souls purpose without unnecessarily stressing about things or people we cannot change.  We have to trust that each one of us will connect to that Divine source within ourselves and make the necessary changes.

I am not saying we shouldn't help others.  Constantly share your beliefs, thoughts and experiences.  Help others by graciously sharing your gifts and skills.  But if others do not choose to follow the same path as yourself, don't allow that to prevent you from following or put barriers in your own path of body, mind, spirit developement and wholeness.

Then comes the controversial subject of charging for one's 'gifts and skills'.  I know that way too many people are in the 'healing and helping'  fields purely for the money.  It may not have started out that way, but it often turns out that way.  How do we find a balance - earn a living, yet not keep much needed help and healing from others simply because they can't afford it.

This will be the topic of my next blog - where I will discuss my feelings on this in more detail.
But before logging off I'd like to share a poem I've written and the accompanying artwork I created to go along with it.

 Artwork by Kim Dreyer
Copyright by Kim Dreyer 2008 - all rights reserved. 

from gaia's pulse of life we take
the essence of our being
and in our centre there it glows
enhancing our wellbeing

and as it flows from base to crown
a state of peace we enter
soaking up the love and light
it's time to ground and center.

poem copyright byKim Dreyer 2011 - 
all rights reserved.


  1. I think also that if we focus on ourselves, then we can work from our heart and what feels right - that way it's easier to stay true to ourselves, what we believe in and to help others ... does that make sense? I don't know I'm tired and emotional right now.

  2. That is so true makes a lot of sense. I've realised that I can only make others happy if I am happy.