Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Finance of Healing

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We are all caught up in the economic system that drives this planet.  Whether we believe it is the right way or not, we do not have much choice at the present time.  It is almost impossible to live without money of some sort.
But how do we not become a slave to money or worse a worshipper of money?! 
I believe that if you live from your heart center and are true to your soul, money will not be the motivating factor guiding you.  I have a serious problem with 'healers', irrespective of whether they practice in the traditional, modern or alternative fields of healing, who charge high fees, placing their services out of reach of the majority of people.  Good health should be available to everyone - not just those who can afford it.   I believe that if you are a true healer you will find a way to make your services available to as many people as is possible.  I am not saying healers should offer all their services for free nor drain all their energy trying to help every single person on this planet.  There needs to be a balance.
I am also very concerned about those giving courses, especially in the alternative healing fields.  So many claim to have received much of their knowledge from the divine or other higher sources - fairies, angels, etc.  Did they also tell them to go out and make a financial killing at the same time? - I think not.   These courses are often out of reach of the average person out there.  Sure, we all need to pay the bills, but we do not need a new gadget for the kitchen everytime a new one is advertised on TV or in a magazine.  We don't need half of the stuff we buy that sits on a counter collecting dust, or in a cupboard growing cobwebs.  What will give us more true, longlasting joy, peace and contentment  than a fancy designer handbag or pair of shoes, is the smile on the face of someone whom we've helped.
As women we are naturally nurturers, caregivers and healers.  We need to take back that power that we were given by the divine femine source - start caring for others.  Bring that essence into your heart and let it guide you in all you do.   For every living being on this planet is in need of healing and caring and it is our duty as caretakers to take care of, not only our fellow human beings, but all life on this planet.


  1. Wow. Thank you. Powerful post.
    And so very painfully true.

  2. Thank you for the comment. It's something I feel very strongly about. Time for all of us to put our personal materialistic greed aside and learn to live simply and in harmony.

  3. Hmmm, I'm in a postion to care (and being paid for it) but I've been resisting it. Perhaps I need to see it in a new light.
    Once again thankyou for your wisdom and for spekign from your heart.

  4. Dear Jenni
    Don't resist that which feels right. Follow your heart - it will take you to beautiful places and experiences.