Monday, October 21, 2013

Expansion Into Your True Self

'Shadow Cape' by Kim Dreyer © 2013.

Morning all you beautiful Souls. 

This morning I felt the need to share with you, these words.  May you find joy, peace and love within them and may they give you the courage and determination to expand into the beautiful unique Soul that I KNOW you ARE!  Much love and gratitude xxx

'Her body is no longer big enough for her dreams, her joy, her love, her passion for life.  She is expanding outwards, filling her aura with all that has been bottled up; all that nourishes and supports life - all that IS truly, authentically HER!  Her beauty is no longer purely physical, it's a tangible, yet invisible force of strength, of determination, of everything she's hidden, in fear of being rejected.  But she is no longer afraid.  The power, the love, the connection to All is calling, it's sound reverberating in every cell.  She knows now, she IS love, she IS beauty, she IS ALL and she's embracing every single aspect of this knowing into her being.  And as she expands she feels the expansion of every other Soul's expansion and awakening. And she KNOWS that together a new way of living is finally being made manifest.  And she smiles, gathers strength from that knowing and expands outwards even more.  And Great Spirit smiles for it senses the homecoming.' - © Kim Dreyer 2013

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