Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Conscious Start

I have started this blog to share my beliefs, hopes, fears and experiences of life with others in the hope that it can be of benefit to others out there.  Although my focus will be more on the feminine spirit, mind and body, it is for all who pay this site a visit.

My hope is that by sharing our feelings, beliefs and experiences we can learn to live more holistic lives, in tune with not only the wonderful natural world around us, but also the beautiful, creative spirits which are at the core of each one of us.  Let us connect together and share in the wonder of all life on this beautiful planet.  Life is truly a unique gift and we need to honour and cherish every minute.

Love & Light......

  Image Copyright Kim Dreyer 2009

EARTH ANGEL - A poem by Kim D
"Beautiful planet earth, there is but one
But alas, look around and see what we’ve done
To her life giving forests, her plants and her trees
To the magnificent animals, we should be on our knees
Asking for forgiveness, for treating them so bad
Why are humans so destructive, it really is sad
If I had but one wish, it would most definitely be
To open everyone’s eyes so they can truly see
The beauty, the magick, the joy and the bliss
The splendour that mother earth surely is
To spread love and healing from north to south pole
And in so doing also heal each human’s soul
One planet, one wish – that’s the name of the game
I really do hope that you wish for the same."

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